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What is the principle of the BugBot machine?

BugBot works on the basis of photolytic attraction of mosquitoes towards a cool light. The LED used in the machine is a Bionic LED, an interplay between technology and biology. The colour of the LED is the most attractive to mosquitoes in the colour spectrum. As the mosquito hovers close to the machines, it is sucked inside and trapped with the fan pressure.

I don't see mosquitoes in my machine. What is the issue?

BugBot machines are loved by hundreds of customers with positive results. If you do not see mosquitoes being trapped in your machine, make sure to check if the machine is working : 1) Blue LED is on and 2) Internal fan is rotating. If the machine is working, make sure you use it in low light condition or at night for optimum performance.

How do I ensure the machine works?

BugBot machines are vigorously tested for quality checks and performance before being packed by BugBot India, a trusted brand amongst hundreds of customers with positive results. The demonstration of the workability and performance of BugBot machines are shown in our youtube video.

My machine is not turning on. What do I do?

All BugBot machines undergo vigorous quality and performance checks before getting packed and shipped. Thus, it is highly unlikely there is some issue with the machine. However, if it is still not turning on, we are sorry to hear that and are here to help. Please ensure the socket in which it is plugged in is working. If yes, please ensure the power adapter is working. You can verify that the power adapter is not working by plugging the machine into any other USB socket. If some other issue, please contact us.

Where do I need to plug the machine?

The machine works with a 5V USB port. Thus, it can be plugged into any USB port for example mobile charger, laptop etc. However, we also provide a 220V-5V power adapter for FREE in the package so that it can be plugged in the wall.

Where do I need to place the machine?

Keep the machine at a distance from yourself for increased effectiveness, as humans are much more attractive to the mosquitoes than the machine. It is best to keep it at a distance from your couch, bed or work table.

Is the machine for indoors or outdoors?

As the BugBot machine is based on photolytic attraction of the blue light, it is best to use it indoors for optimum performance. However, you can also use it outdoors by connecting to an outdoor socket if present or take it with you by plugging it into a power bank.

Is the machine for the day or night?

As the BugBot machine works on the basis of photolytic attraction, it is best to use it in places of low light or at night for optimum performance as the ambient light will be less. Thus, the mosquito will only see the light of the machine and get attracted to it. However, it is perfectly okay to use it in the day as well.

There are some stubborn mosquitoes in my room which are not captured. What do I do?

The BugBot machine works on the basis of photolytic attraction. However, they are also attracted to human blood's aroma. If there are some very stubborn mosquitoes that do not want to get attracted to the machine whatsoever, we recommend you to either use some natural citronella oil or natural repellent so that the mosquito is drawn away from you and has no other place but to go into the machine.

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