The most affordable, powerful, eco-friendly and smart way of ensuring pure air.

Effective indoor air purifiers which capture 99.97% of hazardous pollutants as small as 0.3 microns.

Starting ₹1,999/-

Only focussed on purification quality. Period.

No frills, no nonsense, just pure air.

Following the paths of minimalist, humble and simple design, Breathify Air Purifiers do only what they should do, purify polluted air. Instead of unnecessary frills and overrated features, we focus only on quality of purification. This is what makes Breathify

The most affordable air purifiers ever!


Engineered for your home

Built for actual rooms, not labs.

We redesigned the conventional air purifier using Breathify’s advanced ReverseAir Technology to give phenomenal results, way better than the industry standard.


Advanced H-13 HEPA Filter Technology

Removes 99.97% of the harmful pollutants as small as 0.3 microns from the whole room. High grade H-13, 1.5′ HEPA Filters made of Glass Fibre give optimum results and last for over 1500 hours of use. 


Sleek, Simple Design. 

The simplicity speaks for itself

Feels like a piece of humble artistic furniture, but with a touch of cutting-edge technology.

Sleek, Simple Design. 

The simplicity speaks for itself

Feels like a piece of humble artistic furniture, but with a touch of cutting-edge technology.


A Sustainable Development Endeavour 

The world’s first Eco-Friendly Air Purifiers

Entirely made of bio-degradable compressed wood to avoid usage of plastic.

98% Plastic-Free


To make it even better,

Buy a Breathify, & we plant a TREE

As soon as a product is purchased on our website, a tree is planted automatically via 

All of this, packed in one product


Currently the most low-cost Air Purifiers in the market

Certified & Tested

Highest Performance with ReverseAir Technology, bringing AQI down to 1

Simple Design

Humble design, yet powerful performance

98% Plastic Free

Designed with eco-friendly compressed wood

WiFi Enabled

Control with Smartphone, Alexa & Google Home


Out of stock


HEPA Filter

Out of stock

Air Purifier

Breathify Lite

Out of stock
Out of stock

Air Purifier

Breathify Air


Proud Customers & Validators

+ lives impacted

Trusted Amongst People

"Air pollution has no immediate solution. Preventive measures such as air purifiers are a high cost endeavour and unapproachable to large populations. Tackling this issue, Breathify has constructed a low-cost machine that fits the purchasing capacity of all. This reduces chances of life-threatening diseases such as cancer."
Dr. Harit Chaturvedi
President, Indian Society Of Oncology and Chairman, Max Institute of Cancer Care
"Breathify brings the AQI levels from an average 250+ to under 50 in less than an hour in the club offices and gym. This good quality at such a low cost is a great achievement."
Col. A. Khanna (Retd)
Secretary, Delhi Gymkhana Club
"Sensitised to the discomfort that high pollution levels are causing to the patients who are already immuno-compromised, specially those suffering from cardiac or respiratory issues, Breathify has donated air purifiers for patients battling cancer. Passion and sense of commitment shines through Breathify."
Team CanSupport
CanSupport Institute New Delhi
"Breathify is so refreshingly different from other commercial products as it contributes to sustainable development. It is a package of low-cost, eco-friendly and effective air purifiers."
Kartik Wahi
Co-Founder & Director, Claro Energy Pvt. Ltd.
"Breathify's fantastic initiative reduces the risk of particulate inhalation and malignancies that may appear due to long term exposure. To impact the community, Breathify is a pocket-friendly air purifier - protecting people from suffering."
Dr. Sidhart Sahni
Sr. Consultant, Breast Surgery, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals
"Very impressive product from a young startup. The machines are installed in our entire office."
M.S. Rao, IAS
President & CEO, National e-Governance Division
"Conceptualising innovative solutions through realistic and practical ideas, Breathify is addressing and tackling air pollution as well as other scenarios in the environment."
Meenakshi H. Singh
Director, In-School Programme, DLF Foundation
"Thinking out of the box for sustainable solutions to create a better tomorrow, Breathify with its non-plastic body has the capability of bringing down AQI levels from a poisonous 350+ to under 40 in a short time, which is a commendable feat considering the low price."
Lalit jain
Director, The Heritage School
"Apty named, Breathify is a very classy, contemporary looking air purifier which performs even better than it looks. Instead of buying one expensive branded machine, I bought many of these to install in all rooms."
Ajitabh Puri
Founder & CEO, AVP Security Solutions

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