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The story behind the BREATHIFY purifiers started long before I sat down to brainstorm – it began when I just a toddler. Diyas, mithais, rangolis and family – these are the things that embody Diwali, the festival of light. But my earliest memories of Diwali all revolve around inhalers and nebulizers, windows taped up at the edges to stop any little bit of outside air coming in, and weeks afterwards spent in bed, coughing and struggling to breathe. Since a very young age, I have suffered from respiratory problems, and have experienced how they can take over one’s life. I have also seen how much worse the air quality has been getting year by year. All these experiences have led me to understand that if I have struggled so much, despite having all the privileges possible, those without the same privileges are undoubtedly suffering much more. These experiences imbued me with the drive to improve the lives of others who were suffering like I did, and the BREATHIFY™ purifier was born.  The central pillars of BREATHIFY™ purifiers are accessibility and innovation – I wanted to design air-purifiers that was not only effective but also affordable enough to be accessible to the majority of Indians. BREATHIFY™ AIR & BREATHIFY™ LITE (earlier called AIRFFORDABLE) are the manifestation of these ideas: they are safe, effective, and energy-efficient, all for the never heard before, extremely low starting price of Rs. 2,149/-.  Although the problem that I am aiming to target  – air pollution – is ubiquitous, the current air-filtration solutions are well out of the economic reach of the majority of our population. So, from the very beginning, I was clear in my commitment to making my solution affordable for everyone. I also understood that even at its lowest price, it would still be inaccessible to many people, so I integrated a donation program into my initiative as well. My Buy 1 + Donate 1 scheme further makes purifiers accessible to those who can’t afford even the cheapest version. Even though there has been an influx of air purifiers in the market, but their exorbitant prices make them inaccessible to most. This is the problem that I aim to tackle – with my inexpensive yet efficient Air Purifiers, made with eco-friendly materials. My BREATHIFY™ Air Purifiers use the world accepted HEPA technology to filter out particles upto 0.3 microns. My motto is ‘CLEAN AIR FOR ALL’and Air Purifiers being a curative measure rather than preventing pollution in the first place, I have also adopted a strategy of planting a tree sapling for every unit of purifier made, thus contributing to pumping oxygen back into our atmosphere. Though these this multi-pronged effortshave risen from my personal experiences, they have now become my driving force to improve the lives of the least fortunate in my country and more. 6.11 dreams turning into a reality


  1. To spread awareness about the health hazards of air pollutionand the benefits of an air purifier.
  2. To develop an air purifier with a revolutionary low cost, making clean air accessible to all, especially the common masses.
  3. To hold awareness camps at charitable health centres to educate them and to distribute free machines to the very needy.
  4. To scale up production and distribution through own resources + crowd funding and donations to further fund the project.
  5. To increase the reach by promoting my products on social media & through online sales.
  6. To eventually expand the focus on my project to the international scale & hope to target other developing countries as well.
  7. To achieve my Dual Objective of Giving Back to Nature and to Society
  • By planting as many tree saplings as the units of BREATHIFY™ Air Purifiers made to increase the green cover and bring back clean green and fresh air, targeting a 5 year plan of minimum 10000 trees.
  • By using Eco-Friendlywood shavings instead of the eco-monster plastic for our outer body and striving towards Sustainable Development.

My community development campaign, BREATHIFY™, is the conceptualisation, development, and construction of a low cost, environmentally friendly, easy to maintain air purifier, to improve indoor air quality and overall health, regardless of a person’s income status or purchasing power. To achieve this, design, testing, production and sale of BREATHIFY™ Air Purifiers had to be followed up with dynamic donations for the underprivileged as well as diligent sales throughout all other sections of the society. My Air Purifiers – termed BREATHIFY™ – are not only the cheapest in the country, but also most efficient, using the world standard HEPA filtration, and have a non-plastic body, thereby contributing towards a healthier environment. With a starting price of only  2149/-

BREATHIFY – A Low Cost Alternative

 Air Purifiers are devices designed to reduce the contamination concentration in the air. They are useful not only for patients suffering from lung or heart disease but for every person living in a polluted city. The device circulates air through specially designed filters called the Pre-Filter, HEPA filter and Carbon Activated Filter (optional), which is able to capture the dust, pollen, dander and other particulate matter that would otherwise cause upper respiratory irritation. It is highly recommended for use when outdoor air pollution levels are high and indoors when sharing a home with pets, smokers or living in an insufficiently ventilated place.

However, purchasing a branded air purifiercomes with an initial purchasing cost that may range from ₹14,000/- to ₹50,000/-depending on the size, power output, functions, etc. The filters also need timely replacement, which is a further recurring expense of minimum ₹3,000/.

 This exorbitant price falls beyond the budget of the majority of the population of Delhi and of India at large. As a result, only the elite are able to protect themselves from the adverse effects of pollutants, while the majority – those in the middle and lower income groups – are unable to. Other branded air purifiers in the market also have superfluous features and fancy controls, which do not play any part in the basic functioning of the purifier which is simply to clean the air.

BREATHIFY is a simple, efficient machine which forgoes any superfluous features in favour of an economical alternative to expensive, branded air purifiers. It uses HEPA 13 Mini Pleated 25 mm filters which are effective for filtering PM10 as well as PM2.5 particles. These filters do not need to be replaced until one year of daily usage.

 If this doesn’t convince you to switch to Breathify today, the following price comparison chart surely will!

Air Purifiers Comparison
Product Name Price (Rs.) Power Filtration Area (Sq. Mtr.)
BREATHIFY Air  4,149/- 40 W PM 2.5 30
Other purifiers in the market
1. Honeywell HAC25M1201W 11,490/- 56 W PM 2.5 30
2. Aeroguard Breeze 12,999/- 22 W PM 2.5 19
3. Kent Aura 15,990/- 45 W PM 2.5 27
4. Whirlpool Purafresh W210 16,000/- 45 W PM 2.5 32
5. Samsung AX40K3020WU 24,000/- 34 W PM 2.5 39
6. Sharp FP-F40E-W 25,000/- 27 W PM 2.5 30
7. Phillips AC3256 32,990/- 40 W PM 2.5 60
8. Blueair Classic 33,000/- 50 W PM 2.5 26
9. Panasonic F-PXM55AAD 33,995/- 15 W PM 2.5 42
10. Airoshine A3-5 36,900/- 48 W PM 2.5 60
11. Xiaomi MIJIA   AC-M5-SC 59,388/- 86 W PM 2.5 21
12. LG Puri Care AS60GDWT0 59,930/- 40 W PM 1.0 58