About Breathify

The story behind Breathify started long before I sat down to brainstorm – it began when I was just a toddler. Diyas, mithais, rangolis and family – these are the things that embody Diwali. But my earliest memories of Diwali all revolve around inhalers and nebulisers, coughing and struggling to breathe. I have also seen how much worse the air quality has been getting year by year. These experiences imbued me with the drive to improve the lives of others who were suffering like I did, and Breathify was born. 

Although the problem that I aimed to target  – air pollution – is ubiquitous, the current air-filtration solutions are well out of the economic reach of the majority of our population. The central pillars of Breathify are accessibility and innovation – I wanted to design air-purifiers that were not only effective but also affordable enough to be accessible to the majority of Indians. Breathify air purifiers are the manifestation of these ideas.

~Krrish Chawla

Inventor, Breathify Inc.

Watch the story behind Breathify
The Story Of Breathify, as created by TheBetterIndia

Breathify, a low cost alternative

Breathify is the conceptualisation, development, and construction of a low cost, environmentally friendly, easy to maintain air purifier, to improve indoor air quality and overall health, regardless of a person’s income status or purchasing power. Breathify air purifiersare not only the cheapest in the country, but also most efficient, using the world standard HEPA filtration, proprietary ReverseAir Technology and have a non-plastic body, thereby contributing towards a healthier environment. With a starting price of only ₹ 4,990/-

Purchasing a branded air purifier comes with an initial purchasing cost that may range from ₹14,000/- to ₹50,000/-depending on the size, power output, functions, etc. The filters also need timely replacement, which is a further recurring expense of minimum ₹3,000/.

This exorbitant price falls beyond the budget of the majority of the population of Delhi and of India at large. As a result, only the elite are able to protect themselves from the adverse effects of pollutants, while the majority – those in the middle and lower income groups – are unable to. Other branded air purifiers in the market also have superfluous features and fancy controls, which do not play any part in the basic functioning of the purifier which is simply to clean the air.

Breathify is a simple, efficient machine which forgoes any superfluous features in favour of an economical alternative to expensive, branded air purifiers.

 If this doesn’t convince you to switch to Breathify today, the following price comparison chart surely will!

Air Purifiers Comparison
Product Name Price (Rs.) Power Filtration Area (Sq. Mtr.)
 BREATHIFY Lite Plus  5,990/- 50 W PM 2.5 25
Other purifiers in the market
1. Honeywell HAC25M1201W 11,490/- 56 W PM 2.5 30
2. Aeroguard Breeze 12,999/- 22 W PM 2.5 19
3. Kent Aura 15,990/- 45 W PM 2.5 27
4. Whirlpool Purafresh W210 16,000/- 45 W PM 2.5 32
5. Samsung AX40K3020WU 24,000/- 34 W PM 2.5 39
6. Sharp FP-F40E-W 25,000/- 27 W PM 2.5 30
7. Phillips AC3256 32,990/- 40 W PM 2.5 60
8. Blueair Classic 33,000/- 50 W PM 2.5 26
9. Panasonic F-PXM55AAD 33,995/- 15 W PM 2.5 42
10. Airoshine A3-5 36,900/- 48 W PM 2.5 60
11. Xiaomi MIJIA   AC-M5-SC 59,388/- 86 W PM 2.5 21
12. LG Puri Care AS60GDWT0 59,930/- 40 W PM 1.0 58