The Breathify Air Purifiers are engineered keeping in mind the actual circumstances in a real room, not merely for lab testing. Breathify ‘Air’ range has a CADR of 210, which covers the whole room as large as 30m². We use advanced technologies to make it more effective while still keeping in mind the affordability. It took 309 prototypes, months of research and hours of constant testing to finally come up with the product.


We reversed the direction of airflow, unlike in any other air purifier. In most machines, the fan is the final stage of airflow and the air gets contaminated to a certain extent. In Breathify, the HEPA filter is the final stage of airflow, i.e. the air is pushed through the filter, which delivers even cleaner, purer air for maximum effectiveness.

When we tested the product using LaserEgg2, the AQI & PM 2.5 were as low as 1, a number difficult to deliver by other machines.



The air input is located on 3 sides of the machine, making it able to draw polluted air in a 270° angle. By this mechanism, the machine will be able to purify at all times, regardless of where it is kept, whether next to a wall or in the centre of the room.


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