According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the range of AQI is 0 – 999 where 0 is negligible air pollution and 999 is the highest that can be measured so far. The US EPA uses the AQI till 500 whereas Asian countries use a higher range. The safety standards, however, remain the same globally. An AQI level of 100 or below is within safe measures. A level higher than 100 is a threat to sensitive people and a reading of 300 or above is taken as an emergency.

The EPA AQI Hazard Chart


How clean is the air coming from BREATHIFY™ Air purifiers?

BREATHIFY uses true HEPA filters for proper filtration of the air which captures 99.97% of particles equal to or grater than size of 0.3 microns (1 micron = 0.000001 metre). This brings the AQI (Air Quality Index) down to 4 infront of the purifier and down to below 20 in the entire room (opposite corner) within just 2 hours. All testing is done in a suitable environment and measured with the device LaserEGG 2, a smart air quality monitor. The room used for testing is 30 sq. metres which means these purifiers not only have low cost but also very high performance.


We conducted a proper test keeping the air purifier in one corner of a room of size 30m² and kept the AQI monitor in the opposite corner. The effectiveness of our product is depicted in these graphs:

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 12.53.58 AM
Brings the AQI and PM 2.5 below 20 in 2 hours and then maintains.
Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 12.54.07 AM
Brings the AQI and PM 2.5 below 20 rapidly


Yes, the BREATHIFY™ Air Purifiers ARE EFFECTIVE even though they have a very affordable price.

LaserEGG 2

This device is used to measure real time air quality throughout the tests. It is a smart Air Quality Monitor which measures the AQI (Air Quality Index), PM 2.5 levels, levels of particulate more than 0.3 microns and data is collected while performing tests. This data is accurate and testing is done in a room of 30 sq metres, the average size of a large room.

LaserEGG 2, courtesy of Kaiterra