Creating Social Impact

The BREATHIFY™ air purifier is not just a product: it is the beginning of a new era of air purifiers. For years, consumers have complained about the utility vs. the high cost of air purifiers available in the market. But Breathify has been able to change that. Using a revolutionary new design, I have been able to reduce the cost, while retaining the effectiveness of its purification.

The product is made using Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) and is 99% plastic/polymer free. This has been done to prevent harming the environment in any way possible and working towards reducing the Carbon footprint and achieve Sustainable development.

As the creator of Breathify, I am committed to ensuring that my product reaches everyone, from the poor to the rich. I not only conducted educational seminars to educate poor children on the advantages of my air purifier over the others, but also strove to raise awareness about the need of air purifiers through my advertisement and brochures. My survey, which can be taken here , gave me the crucial market information and also helped me spread awareness about my product.

The fact that my product is made of recycled wood shavings and uses only 40W of electricity, ensures that while we are trying to combat air pollution, we do not further increase land or water pollution. This is also why I plant or donate a sapling for every Breathify purifier sold and educate the people to do the same. While the Breathify purifier provides relief from polluted air indoors, the trees will contribute to purifying air outdoors as well.

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Another important aspect of the social impact of Breathify is that I make no profits from its sale – all the profits from the sales of Breathify go towards donating Breathify purifiers to those who do not have the economic means to purchase one, in particular, charitable hospitals for the cancer or disabled, old age homes, slums, bastis, congested factories, schools for the  underprivileged, maternity wards and dispensaries  serving low-income populations.      

If you have the extra funds, and want to join my campaign to create breathable air for every citizen of our country, you can avail the Buy 1 + Donate 1 offer. While the price may double for you, it will create breathable air for a family in need. As a part of this offer, you will receive your purifier along with the proof of donation of a second purifier to a family in need.

Certification TAG given with every air purifier.


The BREATHIFYTM journey up till now is marked with these milestones –

  1. Raising awareness about air pollution far and wide and educating at least 10000 people the benefits of using an Air Purifier to breathe clean air. Through our surveys, we were able to reach out to people who were unaware that their continuous coughing, wheezing, etc. were caused by air pollution and were the first signs of a developing lung problem.
  2. Providing clean indoor air for 500+ families (more than 2500 people) without burning a big hole in their pockets, through easilyaffordable machines / charities and donations.
  3. Providing clean outdoor air for unlimited people by planting more than 500 trees and continuing in our efforts to increasing the green cover.
  4. Promoting environment friendly ideas and reducing carbon footprint by the fact that our product is made of recycled wood shavings and uses only 25W to 40W of electricity, ensuring that while we are trying to combat air pollution, we do not further increase land or water pollution.


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To gather support, I visited various semi-urban and rural settlements in and around Delhi for awareness drives, dialogue and donations. BREATHIFY™ is a 2-step remedy against the severe Air Pollution, that is a known side-effect of modern-day industrialisation.

BREATHIFY™ air purifiers could benefit by helping them breathe clean air at least for the 10 hours of sleep time at night. I explained them that breathing untreated Delhi’s ‘killer air’ was like smoking 50 cigarettes in a day and reducing their lives by an average of 3 years. 

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