The Breathify Team

Breathify has a mission to provide quality clean air to every person at an affordable cost, saving hundreds of people from the perils of air pollution. With these people on board, we are confident that we can achieve our goal!

Krrish is now a student at Stanford University. He is a polymath who excels in product research, innovation and development and is the brain behind Breathify Air Purifiers. He is now pursuing a degree in Computer Science.

He is passionate about startups – from the very early years of his life, he has been experimenting with various things and creating working models with a new perspective. He is a quick problem-solver, an avid photographer and a national level golfer. He is constantly striving for social upliftment, making positive differences to the world – a step at a time. A common aim of all his projects is environment sustainability, which he hopes to achieve in the near future.

Hailing from a business family with interests ranging from textiles to aluminium, Sahil Chawla is a commerce honours graduate from The University of Delhi. Venturing out of the family mould, he promoted his own business of exports of home furnishings, leather accessories and other household products worldwide and has over 30 years of experience in managing operations and supply chain. He learned immense moral values and skill from his late father Mr. KK Chawla, a respected industrialist in the aluminium industry and endeavours to take forward his legacy of making the community a better place for its citizens.

He is an avid reader and sometimes finishes a book a week! He also loves adventure and exploring the world with his son, Krrish. His motto in dealing with business partners and vendors has always been transparency, honesty and most importantly, developing healthy long term relationships.

Sahil Chawla - COO, Breathify


Chief Operating Officer

Ratan Kohli


Director – Sales & Marketing

Ratan Kohli is a third generation industrialist and an integral part of Breathify. He has a penchant to keep improvising on anything that he sets his mind to do. Air Purifiers is a tough market and his aim and goal is to make sure that Breathify Air Purifiers are used in each and every home in the country.

An out and out Marketing Guru, his strength lies in finding the correct market and diving right in. After our Respected Prime Ministers push for being “Aatma Nirbhar”, it has become even more important to enlighten the people about Breathify Air Purifiers which are being manufactured under strict norms of Make in India and being Aatma Nirbhar by using the best components made in India.

With Ratan Kohli at the helm of affairs and as Director Sales, Breathify is set to scale new heights.