Krrish Chawla | Founder, Breathify


Founder & Innovator, Breathify Inc.

Krrish is currently a class 12 student studying sciences in Modern School Vasant Vihar. Apart from being good at academics, he is a polymath who excels in product research, innovation and development. He is the brain behind the BREATHIFY Air Purifiers – from the conceptualization of the idea, making of Airffordable (older version) which came from his personal experiences with ill-health due to pollution – to the product designing and manufacturing and finally its marketing.

From the very early years of his life, he has been experimenting with various things and creating working models with a new perspective. He is a quick problemsolver, an avid photographer (@pixelfocus_) and a National level golfer.  Creative and Innovativeare the two words that best describe him.

He is constantly striving for social upliftment and betterment of society. His social initiatives include U V & I making small differences to the world ( and @uvnicare) creating awareness among people about eye protection from harmful ultra violet rays through his camps and charity. He is engaged in social work with various institutions and charitable hospitals and hopes to bring small changes to his surroundings by his small actions. He works towards the environment and sustainability as a common aim of all his projects which he hopes to achieve in the near future.