We are looking for curious, passionate people willing to not only make proper use of their skillset, but to also learn more at the workplace. If you have deep interest in helping us take this company forwards with light speed and revolutionising the air purification industry in India, do give us a shout!

Wait… we thought reading about our background may help you get to know what our goals and objectives are to make Breathify the most loved air purification startup. We would like you to share the same vision as us.

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Work at Breathify

Tech / Engineering Department

  • Technology Engineer – Enhance our ReverseAir Technology, or suggest even better options.
  • IT/Electrical Engineer – Ensuring electrical safety, improving circuits, integrating our products with technology like apps, sensors or automation.
  • Mechanics/Materials Engineer – Improving the current mechanics/materials used to enhance efficiency.
  • Product Design Engineer – Improving and developing design to maximise efficiency.
  • Researcher – Researching theories/possibilities to improve our products.

Business Administration Department

  • Online Advertiser – Includes creating and managing ads, and creating content for ads.
  • PR/Media Creator – Ensuring a good press coverage or articles.
  • Blog Writer – Weekly blog posts based on research/current helpful topics.
  • SEO/Content Writing Specialist – To enhance and maintain on-site, off-site and technical SEO and to ensure good copywriting.
  • Sales Strategist – Generate leads, modes of sales and to sell online.

NOTE : All above position are offered as part-time, full-time or internships. If you are interested in any other type of work, please indicate in the ‘Desired Department’ section of the form below.

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