Clean Air Is For All

Pollution harms all colour and demographics, so why should clean air be discriminatory?

According to UNEP, clean air is fundamental to healthy human life. It is important for the body and mind to think and function properly, stay fit and survive better. Still, a vast majority of the world’s populations still exposed to poor air quality, especially in India. Poor AQI levels can lead to numerous respiratory diseases with an estimated 6.5 million deaths in 2012 alone, with the potential to get significantly worse with the increasing population, economic growth and urbanisation. In 2019, India faced one of the worst AQI levels, reaching to about 900 – way beyond even the scale from 0-500.

The characteristics of air pollution are complex and varied, and so are the solutions. Some people suggest planting trees – yes, that is the most sustainable solution, but only for the long term. It will take way longer for the trees to absorb the pollution than the rate of production. The next solution is to stop doing activities that lead to pollution like using vehicles or factories. However, realistically speaking, these activities are inevitable and can only be reduced, not stopped which will not cause a major decrease in pollution.

Thus, the only feasible solution is to use air purifiers indoors to stay as safe as possible quickly and efficiently. However, air purifiers are too expensive to be accessible to every person in the country. They are exorbitantly priced, ranging from Rs. 10,000 to even Rs. 60,000. However, even though problems are inevitable, misery is a choice. Conventional air purifiers charge too much for non-required frills and features – like OLED displays, 6 stage filtration, UV filtration, fan modes, automatic modes etc. An air purifier should be made to purify the air, not to satisfy materialistic gimmicks. 

These prices restrict majority of the people from buying air purifiers for their homes which leads to them forcefully breathing harmful pollutants throughout the year. Mere price is the only reason people are either careless or unaware of the benefits of a proper air purifier. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. recognised that social justice could not be achieved without environmental justice – including healthier living environments for underprivileged communities, and universal access to clean air, water, and soil. According to Dr. King, society segregation harms everyone in various aspects, including increased pollution in certain societies – with was validated by a research referred to in an article in the New York Times.

At Breathify, we have always resonated with these points and worked to form this company only to make effective air purifiers more accessible to people. The words of our founder, Krrish Chawla, “Breathing pure air is a birthright, not a luxury.” explains the basis of the formation of Breathify. We researched and found out that a HEPA filter and a fan are the two major components of an effective air purifier. Thus, we brought you Breathify, the simplest, most efficient, eco-friendly and affordable range of air purifiers (starting only Rs.2,990) using ReverseAir Technology to cut out all unnecessary frills to yield a basic yet incredibly effective air purifier, getting the AQI level down to less than 4, a revolution in the air purification industry.

We believe people from all backgrounds should have access to an affordable air purifier to save themselves from the perils of pollution. To the most vulnerable people to air pollution like children and elderly, Breathify has also donated more than 200 air purifiers in schools, hospitals, old age homes etc.

We urge you to join our campaign and spread the message that a long-awaited affordable air purifier – Breathify does not discriminate on the basis of anything and is available for all the people of the country.

Clean air is necessary. Clean air is for all. Clean air should be accessible. Clean air should be affordable.


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